5MW Continuous Duty LNG Plant for Land Developer Off the Grid

Customer: Very large land developer headquartered in California

    Project requirements:

  • ƒProvide 5MW power plant to run in remote location
  • Equipment to provide continuous continuous‐-duty power power
  • Ultimately to integrated with grid and operated by utility
  • Requirements to run on natural gas, with no NG grid available
  • Stringent emissions and sound limits
  • Need for significant redundancy

Solution Summary:

  • Provided bank of 6 x 850kW NG units that was sourced from a cold‐storage company out of Bellingham, WA
  • Units were mfg in 2001, with less than 200 hrs since new
  • Package included controls, tranformers and switchgear
  • Units were upgraded to latest configuration and outfitted to be monitored and operated remotely
  • Identified and integrated a solutions provider to do LNG installation at site
  • Managed integration with air‐quality consultants and utility
  • Provided all de‐install/install and logistic support


  • Savings on equipment – over $3 million
  • Only immediately available solution option
  • Savings on support and integration – over $400k