Recent K2 Projects
The following is a quick presentation of projects K2 PowerGen solutions has completed.

Recent K2 PowerGen Solutions Projects

Installation for Major Data Center and Fiber Operation in Australia

Customer: Operator of international data center backup and transoceanic fiber systems.  Serving high‐profile international companies with extreme back‐up requirements.   Project requirements: Accelerated delivery off 3MW plant to support critical contract requirement for key business growth objective Needed “n+1” solution that could be integrated into an existing facility Needed diesel operation with 50 Hz configuration   Solution Summary: Provided […]

Turbine Installation on Land‐fill Gas on Waste Management Site

Customer: Operator of Land‐fill gas recovery system on Waste Management site in Illinois Project requirements: Accelerated d li delivery off 10MW plant to run on low BTU landfill gas Needed solution that would tolerate source fuel without equipment failure and undue operations/maintenance costs Needed solution to be “retro-fitted” into current installation that was integrated with source  gas and grid […]

Multiple Installations on low BTU Bio‐Gas in Ohio

Customer: Operator of Bio‐gas plants in Ohio   Project requirements: Accelerated delivery of 800 kW units for multiple plants Continuous operation to support anaerobic digester process Units needed to be configgured with latest Required reconfiguration and tuning to run on low BTU biogas   Solution Summary: Provided (3) 850kW (3) 850kW NG units (so far) to power […]

5MW Continuous Duty LNG Plant for Land Developer Off the Grid

Customer: Very large land developer headquartered in California   Project requirements: ƒProvide 5MW power plant to run in remote location Equipment to provide continuous continuous‐-duty power power Ultimately to integrated with grid and operated by utility Requirements to run on natural gas, with no NG grid available Stringent emissions and sound limits Need for significant redundancy […]